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Weapon stats

An example of a Heavy Bastard Sword's stats with the Balanced modifier.

The Bastard Sword is a One/Two-handed Weapon, as it can be used as a One-Handed Sword (earning experience toward the One-Handed Weapons proficiency) with a shield, or as a Two-Handed Sword (earning experience toward the Two-Handed Weapon proficiency) without a shield. One-handed use incurs a 15% penalty to speed and damage.

Favored by those who fight on foot as often as on horseback, Bastard Swords are often utilized by the elite of the Swadian armies.

There are two types of Bastard Sword: the standard and the Heavy Bastard Sword. These are two different weapons with different base stats the Heavy Bastard Sword is not a standard Bastard Sword with the "Heavy" modifier.



Bastard Sword

Bastard Sword
Base value: 294 denars
Weight: 2.0
Swing: 35c
Thrust: 26p
Speed rating: 98
Weapon reach: 101


Heavy Bastard Sword

Heavy Bastard Sword
Base value: 526 denars
Weight: 2.3
Swing: 37c
Thrust: 27p
Speed rating: 96
Weapon reach: 105

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