For the specific unit, see Bandit (Unit).

Bandits are neutral criminals that roam Calradia. Bandits engage everyone, including the player, small kingdom parties, caravans, village farmers, and any other parties smaller than their own. They usually demand money from the player character, and will attack if not paid. If the player has slain multiple groups of bandits and is accosted by them, they will reject payment and simply attack the player.

There are many bandit types in Calradia, and they can usually be found in or around their home areas. For instance, Steppe Bandits roam the steppes and Desert Bandits roam in the desert.

Manhunters are law enforcers who patrol the northern parts of Calradia, hunting for bandits and taking them as prisoners. They only use blunt weapons, as their sole purpose when fighting is to knock their enemies unconscious. In With Fire & Sword, Manhunters are replaced with Marksmen of the Secret Department.

Types of bandits Edit


These bandits were removed from the game before release and only exist in beta versions.

  • Dark Knights - These soldiers belonged to the outlaw faction, and were removed from Mount&Blade in version 0.95x. They were incredibly powerful and dangerous, possessing the most powerful armor in game and wielding very powerful weapons. They were also nearly impossible to beat, and crushed both player and main faction parties.
  • Black Khergit Raiders - These bandits were removed with the advent of the Khergit Khanate, and generally had the same equipment as higher tier Khergit cavalry. They operated in the same way as Steppe Bandits, however their equipment and stats were drastically better than most other bandits. They were the steppe equivalent of Sea Raiders in terms of their strength and equipment, but were very dangerous because every one of them was mounted.


The following types of bandits were introduced in the original Mount&Blade.

  • Looters, also called "River Pirates" in earlier versions, are the standard type of lawless scum. They are quite weak and exist all over Calradia. While mildly difficult to defeat at first, later in the game they become nearly powerless. All Looters are footmen, and their standard equipment is nothing more than knives and throwing rocks.
  • Steppe Bandits primarily live in the Khergit steppes, and always ride on Steppe Horses. They are very difficult to defeat at the beginning of the game, due to their maneuverability and speed. They are equipped with typical Khergit weapons like lances, small one-handed swords, and throwing weapons.
  • Forest Bandits live close to forests, and are often encountered in Rhodok or Swadian lands (in Warband, only in Swadia lands). These bandits always carry a Hunting Bow or Short Bow. They are footmen, and with their bow they usually bear two-handed axes, hatchets, or quarter staffs.
  • Mountain Bandits live in the mountains, especially in Vaegir territory (in Warband, only in Rhodok lands). Their primary strength lies in their numbers, with an average group of Mountain Bandits consisting of approximately 17 men, although they can gather into packs as high as 60. They can be both footmen and cavalry in Mount&Blade, but they lose their mounts in Warband.
  • Sea Raiders live on the shores of Calradia, mostly in the lands of the Kingdom of Nords or around Rivacheg in the Kingdom of Vaegirs. They are very strong, possessing very good armor, long bows, battle axes and high stamina. Defeating these bandits can be a good, mid-game source of money and armor.
  • Deserters are unique in that their parties consist of trained faction troops. They are soldiers who have abandoned their leaders and have taken to lives of crime. Deserters have the potential to be the most difficult bandits to defeat, depending on what tier of troops you encounter. Though more often than not, they are within the lower tiers of any faction's upgrade tree.

Upgrade TreeEdit

LooterSteppe BanditSea Raider
Forest BanditMountain BanditKhergit TribesmanNord Recruit
Swadian RecruitRhodok Tribesman


Mount&Blade: Warband added several new bandits that were not seen in the first game.

  • Desert Bandits primarily wander the Sarranid desert. They are somewhat weaker than Steppe Bandits, but are mounted and still pose a large threat to new players.
  • There are also units simply called "Bandits". The only time you can encounter these is during certain quests. They can be upgraded into Brigands if you manage to recruit some.

Upgrade TreeEdit

Desert BanditTaiga BanditBandit (Unit)
Sarranid RecruitVaegir RecruitBrigand

With Fire & SwordEdit

With Fire & Sword shares some of the same bandits as Warband, but the game's new setting also introduces new bandits.

  • Tatar Raiders are quite weak with low armor, though they are mounted. They wield a saber and a cavalry lance, so when facing them try to avoid being a couched lance target. They are mainly found around the Crimean Khanate.
  • Rebels are a type of unit that is very similar to the bandit. They possess nearly identical gear, but with different armor. They are relatively weak overall, but their possession of a Handmade Firearm can make them somewhat dangerous.

Bandit Troops
Mount&BladeLooterSteppe BanditForest BanditMountain BanditSea RaiderDeserters
WarbandBanditBrigandDesert BanditTaiga Bandit
With Fire & SwordLooterBanditBrigandTatar RaiderRebel