Bakhyt Head
Born inAzaq-kale
Found inA random town
Hire cost300 thalers
LikesLiked by
DislikesDisliked by

Bakhyt is one of the Heroes in With Fire & Sword. He likes Mamai, dislikes Fatima and Varvara, is liked by Colonel Zagloba and Tepes, is disliked by Fedot, and disapproves of heavy losses, unpaid wages and starvation. You can hire him for 300 thalers. He strongly resembles Warband's Rolf.


Bakhyt Full


"Ah, I beg your pardon, sir. Isanmesez means do you still live? It is a sort of greeting, like how do you do."

"I am Bakhyt. For fifteen years I was an aide to the Khan's executioner in Bakhchisaray. The work was busy, but I did not mind it... Until the new Khan installed a new Vizier, that is."

"The old vizier was retired. I cried as I strangled him with a silk thread. The new vizier was a miser, quite like your everyday Instanbul shroff! He decided that the executioner needs no assistant, so I was put out of the palace the very same day. Now I make my bread as I can. Working as an assistant in the butcher's row at the markets, chopping up the carcass at the slaughterhouse. I even went as low as accepting a job killing a pig at a Cossack homestead -- for ten thaler! Shaitan damn that beast, cursed by the Allah..."

Stats and equipmentEdit

Bakhyt - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Level 7
Strength 11
Agility 5
Intelligence 6
Charisma 5
Health 46
Body Armor
Village Boots
Skill Points
Ironflesh 0
Power Strike 4
Grenade Throwing 0
Power Draw 0
Weapon Master 1
Shield 0
Athletics 0
Riding 0
Shooting from Horseback 0
Looting 3
Trainer 0
Tracking 0
Tactics 0
Path-finding 0
Spotting 0
Inventory Management 0
Wound Treatment 0
Surgery 0
First Aid 0
Engineer 0
Persuasion 0
Prisoner Management 4
Leadership 0
Trade 0
Weapon Type Points
One Handed Weapons 50
Two Handed Weapons 118
Polearms 50
Archery 50
Firearms 50
Throwing 50
Melee Weapons
Lumberman Axe
Ranged Weapons
AlgirdasBakhytColonel ZaglobaFatimaFedotIngriKarlssonMamaiNogai

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