Austria banner

The banner of Austria.

Austria, or Kaisertum Österreich, is a faction in the Mount&Blade: Warband downloadable content, Napoleonic Wars.


The Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars were a disaster for the Holy Roman Empire. With numerous lands in Italy, the Balkans and the Low Countries lost to France, the empire that dominated central Europe for centuries no longer exists. Francis II, once Holy Roman Emperor, is now Francis I, Emperor of the newly formed Austrian Empire. Vienna, the city that held against huge Ottoman armies two centuries ago, was captured by the French, not only once, but twice.

However, despite serious blows the Austrian prestige, the Austrian spirit is not broken. Instead, Austria is now more determined than ever to pay back for all shame suffered from Bonaparte. While it may have suffered defeats, the Austrian army is still the third largest in Europe and shall not be forgotten as the only army which have defeated Napoleon himself without any allied help, and was close to defeating him on two more occasions. As French power on the continent melts with the spring snow of 1813, the Austrian Empire stands ready to retake what once was hers.



  • Infantrie Regiment Erzherzog Rudolf Nr. 14 - Line Infantry
  • Infantrie Regiment Freiherr von Wacquant Nr. 62 - Line Infantry
  • Grenz Regiment Oguliner Nr. 3 - Line/Light Infantry
  • Grenadier Battalion Purcell - Foot Guard
  • Jaeger Battalion 2 - Rifleman


  • Husar Regiment Graf von Hessen-Homburg Nr. 4 - Hussar
  • Ulan Regiment Schwarzenberg Nr. 2 - Lancer
  • Chevauleger Regiment Furst von Hohenzollern Nr. 2 - Light Horse
  • Dragoner Regiment Erzherzog Ferdinand Nr. 5 - Dragoon
  • Kurassier Regiment Kaiser Franz Nr. 1 - Cuirassier


  • Artillerie Regiment Prinz zu Lothringen Nr. 7 - Artillery
  • Pionier Battalion Nr. 1 - Engineer
  • Karl Philipp, First zu Schwarzenberg - Commander
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