Attack the Bandit Lair

Merchant Brother

Given by
Quest Merchant
Time limit
200 denars
Refresh rate

This is the third quest given by the Quest Merchant.

This quest is started automatically as soon as Learn where the hostages are held is completed.

After the Robber leader surrenders and tells you he will reveal the location of his hideout, the Kidnappers' Hideout will appear on the map next to a nearby village. This is a special version of the usual Bandit Camp and invading it works nearly the same way as the generic Destroy bandit lair quest given by lords.

Kidnapper Hideout

You and a few of your troops will have to enter into the hideout via a narrow passage, forcing you to leave your horses (if you had any) behind. Looters will come from several different spawn points; destroy them all. Once every enemy has been defeated, the merchant's brother will run out to speak with you. Note that the battle will not end until you meet up with the captive, and if you finished off the last enemy far from where he spawns, it may take some time for him to catch up to you.

When the merchant's brother has been released, return to the tavern and speak to the quest merchant to complete this quest. You will receive +1 relation with the merchant and 200 denars as your reward. The merchant will then request your help with one more thing, and offer you his last quest, Save town from bandits.

If you are knocked unconscious, a message will show saying that the looters celebrate by breaking open a cask of wine, and do not tie you up, allowing you to escape.

Quest lineEdit

  1. Collect five men
  2. Learn where the hostages are held
  3. Attack the bandit lair
  4. Save town from bandits

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