Anglo-Saxon England

Anglo-Saxon and Brittonic Kingdoms in England.

Anglo-Saxon is a culture in Viking Conquest. The Anglo-Saxons have many Kingdoms in England and are one of the strongest cultures in the game. The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms are the Kingdom of East Engle, the Kingdom of Mierce, and the Kingdom of Wessex. The Kingdom of Wessex also has the lands of Essex, Sussex, and Kent. Northumbria, or Bernicca, was a Anglian Kingdom until the Danish invaded after King Aella of Northumbria killed the legendary Danish King Ragnar Lodbrok. The Danish still have control of the kingdom in the game.


The first Anglo-Saxons in England were there because the King of the Britons, Vortigern, needed help against the Gaelic and Pictish invasions in his new lands. This was right after the Roman Empire's collapse, so he had not had a powerful position in the new Roman-free Britain. The leaders of the Anglo-Saxon mercenaries were Hengest and Horsa, and as a reward for their help against the Gaels and the Picts, they were given control of Kent, a small piece of land in Southern Britain. Seeing that Britain was in a weak spot with their King, the Anglo-Saxons invaded England and quickly conquered it for their people. In the centuries that followed, more and more Anglo-Saxons came to England, turning Britain into separate Kingdoms but a powerful land.


Angle Troop Tree


The Anglo-Saxons worshipped Old Germanic Religions until the Georgian Missions in which the Kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons became Christian.

Events in gameEdit

The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms are were most of the main storyline of the game take place, especially in Northumbria and Wessex.

Troops Edit


Saxon Troop Tree

Anglo-Saxon Troop Tree
Tier 1 Peasant
Tier 2 Bowman Freeholder
Tier 3 Spearman Companion
Tier 4 Horseman Warrior Standard Bearer Veteran
Tier 5 Noble Bodyguard
Kingdom Capitals
Kingdom of East Engle
Kingdom of Mierce
Kingdom of Wessex


The Kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons are mostly at war with each other, especially the Kingdoms of Mierce and Wessex.

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