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Ambean is a village of the Kingdom of Nords.


Ambean map

• Player   • Elder   • Fugitive

The Village Elder is located almost directly straight forward from where the player enters, across the river and up the hill, standing next to a campfire.

Ambean is built in a very hilly area and next to a small stream with a narrow wooden bridge over it, there is also tree coverage of moderate density. It has a total of four structures, as well as some stone walls dividing various sections of the village. There are several fields here growing wheat, cabbages, grapes, squash, and a cluster of many small trees which are probably apple trees, baskets of which are found in a storage shed. In addition, there are ovens and bread; fishing nets and fish; hanging pelts, fur bundles, and dried meat, to indicate active hunting; and a pot of honey - making this village possess one of the most diverse visible varieties of food in the game.

If sent here during a Hunt down fugitive quest, the target may be found behind the first building on the player's right from where they enter, next to an open shed.

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