Aetheling Aelfred Aethelwulfing
Aelfred Aethelwulfing
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of West Seaxe
Monarch Brytenwalda Aethelred Aethelwulfing
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Religion Christian

Aetheling Aelfred Aethelwulfing is a vassal of the Kingdom of West Seaxe. He starts as the lord of Witan Ceaster. He plays a major part in the storyline campaign if the player has sided with the Saxons.

He is the younger brother of the king, Brytenwalda Aethelred Aethelwulfing, and also the uncle of Aetheling Ceorl, who is the claimant.


Wife: Ealswith

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Kingdom of West Seaxe
Brytenwalda Aethelred Aethelwulfing Aetheling Ceorl

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