An Academy can be built in owned towns or fortresses by talking to the Mayor. Primarily, it brings in added revenue to the town and contributes to the overall wealth. It can also be used to train heroes in new skills.

Training HeroesEdit

In With Fire & Sword, the player can send heroes to the Academy with towns to increase a set of skills in one of three separate categories: Medicine, Tactics, and Military Training. Each hero can be trained once in each category, and the price for sending the hero to the academy a second and third time increases the cost substantially.

Training at academy requires a hero to leave your party for seven days. They return with one additional rank in three or four different skills:

Medicine Military Training Tactics
Wound Treatment Power Draw Trainer
Surgery Weapon Master Tactics
First Aid Shield Path-finding
Athletics Engineer

It is best to train heroes early, before they have leveled up multiple times. This is due to the fact that the cost of training is related to a hero's character level. It is not dependent upon ranks a character already has in a particular skill. For instance, Victor De La Buscador has four ranks in the trainer skill when he joins the part at level 8, while Fatima has zero ranks at level 8. Both will pay 3600 to be trained in Tactics for their first trip to the academy.

The chart below shows training costs related to a hero's level.

price = level * 450 * max(1, training_count * 5)
Hero Level First Training (×1) Second Training (×5) Third Training (×10)
4 1800 thalers 9000 thalers 18,000 thalers
6 2700 thalers 13,500 thalers 27,000 thalers
8 3600 thalers 18,000 thalers 36,000 thalers

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