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The Stormlands is a southwestern region of Westeros and the ancestral home of House Baratheon, one of the Seven Kingdoms featured in A Clash of Kings. The capital city of the Stormlands is Storm's End. King Renly Baratheon is the ruler of The Stormlands.

Lords of the StormlandsEdit

King Renly BaratheonStorm's End
Lord Sebastion ErrolHaystack Hall
Lord Ralf BucklerBronzegate
Lord Selwyn of Tarth Evenfall Hall
Lord Lester MorrigenCrow's Nest
Lord Hugh GrandisonWood's Way, Cape Wrath
Lord Phillip FellFellwood
Lord Bryce CaronBlackhaven, Nightsong
Ser Loras TyrellBrightmead
Ser Ronnet ConningtonGriffin's Roost
Lord Eldon EstermontGreenstone, Rainwood
Lord Casper WildeRain house
Ser Donnel SwannBarrowhall, Breemere
Ser Rickard MorrigenLaketown, The Boneway
Ser Mycah MertynsMistwood
Lord Gulian SwannWeeping Tower, Stoneway
Lord Natt CafferanSapphire bay, Oxhurst
Lord Arstan SelmyBlackfall, Elmkire, Ravendale
Lord Alesander StaedmonBroad Arch

Stormlands Troop TreeEdit

Stormlands Troop Tree

Stormlands Levy

Stormlands Man-At-Arms

Stormlands Veteran Man-At-Arms | Stormlands Archer

Stormlands Elite Man-At-Arms | Stormlands Longbowman

Stormlands Serjeant | Stormlands Veteran Longbowman

Stormlands Mounted Serjeants

Stormlands Knight

Stormlands Heavy Knight

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