The North is the largest and furthest northern kingdom of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros featured in A Clash of Kings, and is the ancestral home of House Stark. Winterfell is the capital hold, often described as "The Heart of the North". The King in the North is Robb 'The Young Wolf' Stark.

Lords of the NorthEdit

King Robb StarkWinterfell, Moat Cailin, Saltpans
Lord Jon UmberLast Hearth, Stone Village
Lord Rickard KarstarkKarhold, Pike Market
Lord Roose Bolton The Dreadfort, Fairmarket
Lord Robin FlintFlint's Fingers
Lord Megger CerwynCerwyn Castle
Lord Wylis ManderlyWhiteoak, The Locke
Lord Galbart GloverDeepwood Motte
Lord Helman TallhartTorren's Square, Cape Kraken
Lord Rodrik RyswellBarrowtown
Vickian FlintWidow's Watch
Robett GloverThe Rills, The Acorn Water
Lord Ondrew LockeOldcastle, Crow's Rest, Saltspear Hall
Jon Umber (SmallJonEastwood, Wintermarket
Harrion KarstarkDeepcrest, Blazewater bay
Ser Wendel ManderlyKing's End, White Knife Hall, Sentinel's Tree
Lord Roger RyswellSeaward Hall
Ser Kyle CondonDragon's Neck, Summer's End
Leobald TallhartGrey edge, The White Vellage, The Red Rock
Maege MormontBear Island
Donella Hornwood Hornwood, Queen's Stop
Lord Wyman ManderlyWhite Harbour
Northern Troop tree

Northern Troop TreeEdit

Northern Levy

Northern Pikeman

Veteran Northern Pikeman | Northern Archer

Elite Northern Pikeman | Veteran Northern Archer

Northern Serjeant | Elite Northern Archer

Northern Mounted Serjeant

Northern Man-At-Arms

Veteran Northern Man-At-Arms

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